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Gulf Prosthetic & Orthotic Consultants has maintained a commitment to friendly service and premium quality products since 1983. From the day we opened for business, our philosophy has been that the customer always comes first. We are completely dedicated to customer service and a fast turn-around time on all orders. Moreover, a trained fitter is always available to answer any questions, or to help you determine the appropriate product for your special needs. Your comfort and satisfaction is very important to us.

We have created this website to provide you with the information and products you need to experience immediate comfort and relief. Additionally, we welcome your input. Gulf Prosthetic & Orthotic Consultants invites you to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments that you would like to discuss.

Highest Standards of Care

Gulf Prosthetics & Orthotics has been providing orthotic and prosthetic services to our patients with bio-mechanical and limb deficiencies since 1983. Our goal at Gulf is to help our clients to regain their highest level of independence and to return to their previous lifestyle as much as is possible. To do this we maintain the most stringent standards of Practitioner Certification, Continuing Education, Facility Accreditation, and patient care policies. We provide O&P Education to physicians, therapists, patients, and the community. We participate in Conferences and Seminars across Texas. Our staff functions as a part of the Rehab Team, and works closely with physicians, therapists, the family, and the patient to optimize the patient’s rehabilitation. We maintain a state-of-the-art lab so we can do our fabrication in-house. We use the fastest, most efficient computerized shape capture and modeling system (CAD) to provide intimate fitting limbs in a patient-friendly manner. Unlike companies with other CAD systems, our practitioners do their own modifying in your presence, and make our own sockets in-house.

Commitment to Service

The staff at Gulf is not only committed to giving clients the best in Prosthetics and Orthotics, but also to giving them the best in service – even after the devices have been delivered and paid for. By keeping our company focused locally, we find we can provide more personalized care. We can concentrate on service and patient care instead of meeting corporate quotas, engaging in big self-promotional marketing schemes, or beholding to stockholders. We even chose our office sites with the client in mind, making sure that they were easy to reach, parking near the door with no difficult or long entrances. Our clients become part of our family, and we want every one of them to be successful in meeting their rehab goals.